About Us

Blends for Life brings to you Pure & Unrefined Fair Trade Certified™ Organic Shea Butter Blends.

Blends for Life is a USA licensed importer and manufacturer of Fair Trade Certified™  Organic Shea Butter.


Blends for Life is based on the belief that our body, mind and spirit work best when they are working together.  We should equally take part, on a daily basis, to ensure this total blend of our well-being.

Blends for Life utilizes the Holistic power of aromatherapies when designing our recipes for skin care blends.  Our recipes are very simple and very effective.  Very simple regarding ingredients and very effective regarding results.

Blends for Life uses ONLY pure & natural skin care friends in our blends.  We recognize our duty to bring to you a triad blend.

  • Aromatic qualities:  Fragrance, pleasing to the sensory level
  • Therapeutic qualities:  Creating blends that will be of maximum benefit to the health of the individual.
  • Psychological and Spiritual qualities:  Blends that place an emphasis on restoring emotional and mental balance.

Give your body, mind and spirit the blends that work together.

For you.  For life.

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